crosby wieder im mannschaftstraining

The China Daily is reporting that Sidney Crosby will be making his long-awaited return to the ice … let’s see — this very night, in fact. Not The People’s Daily: don’t make that mistake, because there’s nothing there about Crosby’s 卷土重来 at all — although, apparently, the United States is guilty of scaremongering and should know that Asia has no time for Washington’s games.

Der Spiegel reports that Crosby, Eishockey-Superstar von den Pittsburgh Penguins, will make his Comeback im Heimspiel gegen die New York Islanders. Also (as if we needed reminding), ein Karriereende spekuliert worden.

Over at The Sydney Morning Herald — no, nothing there. Shivendra Singh is back in the Indian field hockey squad, says The Times of India, after missing four months with a broken collarbone. And Yokozuna Hakuho remains undefeated through Sunday at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament. In fact, if we’re to believe what The Japan Times is reporting, he didn’t even break a sweat as he sent Gagamaru rolling, winning by sukuinage in Fukuoka.

Spain has a new prime minister, I guess. Nothing on Crosby’s conmoción cerebral in El País, not even close — although there are those in Madrid who feel, apparently, that without the NBA, the United States is “duller” and “sadder.”

The latest from Moscow’s Pravda on Crosby’s сотрясение мозга — actually the only hockey news there seems to be, from October, that Alex Ovechkin is going to record a song with rapper Eminem. “I always have his CDs in my car,” said Ovechkin, “and I would be very glad to meet him. By the way, Eminem’s 8 Mile film is just great.”

From Paris, Le Monde — okay, this is good : Sidney Crosby back on ice after a forced rest, says the headline on a short piece reporting that the “heated debate on violence in hockey has also enervated the universe of the puck in North America.”

Who else? Not a peep from Diario Popular in Buenos Aires. The Korea Herald says the Green Bay Packers have improved to 10-0. From The Tehran Times: soccer pacesetters Esteghlal were held to a 1-1 draw by Saba on Saturday and also, if attacked, “Iran will pound all centers of Zionists.”

“I don’t think he got any crushing blows in practice,” Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma told The China Daily yesterday. “He certainly had a fair amount of contact. He was around the net; he was with people. A couple times he got hit to the ice. A couple times he had some contact into the boards in puck battle situations. That happened over the course of a month or so, five weeks of having those situations. He’s confident going to the net. He’s confident in that traffic area right now. I’m confident you’ll see him go to the net hard.”