gliding sport update

No word yet on Sidney Crosby’s night last night. Online at The China Daily, they’re sticking with the Monday-morning bulletin anticipating his return. Same at Le Monde. At Der Spiegel, where they’ve taken down yesterday’s news, your best bet for hockey reading, I guess, is the grim review of the game’s troubles headlined “The Lousy Job of Beating Professionals.”

The Guardian has an arresting photo of cars burning in Vancouver in June — click on Sport, then U.S. Sport. The BBC (under Other Sport) is reporting that the NHL condemns the throwing of bananas as “stupid” and “ignorant.”

Nothing at The Tripoli Post. The Egypt Daily News doesn’t even have a Sports section, apparently. Canada lost in the kabaddi World Cup, if you hadn’t heard (Times of India), while China walked away with all the gold medals at the Hong Kong Open. Still no Crosby in The Sydney Morning.

At Der Spiegel, to get to the hockey, you click Sport then Wintersport. At Le Monde you want to look for Autres, then Sports de Glisse  — careful here, though, because there’s also Sports de Combat and Sports U.S. The China Daily takes you from Sports to Golf, Tennis, China, and Other Sports. Oh, and Stars, which is where Crosby awaits whatever might happen Monday night along with Diego Maradona (whose mother died) and David Beckham (he won the MLS championship).