FIRST. While all those New York Rangers were signing off Twitter this week for the duration of the playoffs — unconfirmed word was that coach John Tortorella had nixed team tweets for the infernal distraction that they are — Philadelphia’s Jaromir Jagr was busy relaunching his account on Tuesday. This to go with his Facebook page and his blog — for the Czech newspaper — where he previewed the first round in the prophetic post “S Penguins to budou řežby![1]

After Wednesday’s Flyers’ victory, @68 Jagr’s twootled about the Pittsburgh response to goalie Ilya Bryzgalov’s admitted fear of bears, i.e. lots of fans dressed up in bear suits: “Bryz is scared of bears. There were like 70 bears at the game! I wonder what would happen if he said he is scared of beautiful naked girls?!”

SECOND. They’re loud, they’re proud, they’re the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. And yet … would it be fair to say that some of their fans and/or vendors might be mistaken for sore winners? A t-shirt for sale outside the Garden before last Saturday’s regular-season wrap-up against the Buffalo Sabres.

THIRD. No word, still, on what happened to the waxworked Maurice Richard that used to adorn Montreal’s Musée de Cire de Ville Marie. We do now know, however, the names of the waxworkers from Madame Tussaud’s in London who came to Montreal to render the Rocket and poor, stricken Glenn Hall: they were Winifred Mills and Margaret Brooks. In March of 1965, Richard went to see them so that they could see him for final touch-ups on their body-double. They only had the head with them, in fact: the rest of replica-him was still to come. “Maybe I could have used this for a spare,” Richard observed. “It looks like me. In fact, it scares me a little.”

[1] “It’s Gonna Be A Rough Battle Against The Penguins!”