brendan shanahan

A sampling of his recent press

NHL Senior Vice-President of Player Safety and Hockey Operations
hockey’s man of the moment
NHL sheriff
NHL disciplinarian
a winner (as a player)
NHL’s chief whip
NHL hanging judge

has ruled with an iron fist

is ruining the NHL
is Brendan Shanahan enemy No. 1?
is quickly becoming the most unpopular face in the NHL
is going to send a message
is left to deal with the chaos
is a weather vane

why is Brendan Shanahan getting it wrong?

has to make a choice
has to go, he’s a joke, period
has to make some of the toughest decisions on the state of the game

literally embraces his critics
kept busy by NHL mayhem
defends decisions

cites Zetterberg’s health, Weber’s history

explained in a video that Torres broke three NHL rules during the hit.