orr’s score

Whee! Sculptor Harry Weber’s Bobby Orr flies bronzely through the Boston air in front of the TD Garden.

Boston Bruins’ fans won’t soon forget the most famous goal to have been scored in the old Garden, but just in case there’s an 800-pound statue out in front of the new TD Garden to remind them how Bobby Orr soared after he’d put the puck in the net on this day in 1970 to beat the St. Louis Blues and win the Bruins their first Stanley Cup since 1941.

“I don’t know what I did,” Orr said after the game. “I saw it go in the net as I was flying in the air. Then I hit the ice and before I could get up the guys were on top of me.”

It was all according to plan, apparently. Captain Johnny Bucyk had tied up the score at threes in the third period, sending the game to overtime. Bruins’ coach Harry Sinden: “After the third period, I told the fellows, ‘Look, let’s not do too much thinking.’”

“The Stanley Cup — whee!” Orr shouted after the game, and I quote.

Next day, The New York Times described how the crepe paper showered down, and

because of the heat the colors ran, tinting the ice orange, yellow and blue. Children dashed past unconcerned special police and mobbed the Bruins.

The Canadian Press offered this:

Bobby Orr, the 22-year-old wonder defenceman who scored the winning goal in overtime, stood grinning under television lights as his father fought through the crowd toward him.

Doug Orr, who came down from his Parry Sound, Ont., home with Mrs. Orr, left his wife outside the dressing room.

“This is the best day of my life,” he said.