abandon ban ban

No-one lives by Toronto’s bylaw banning street hockey because to do so would be wrong, not to mention unCanadian. If we want to grab our Kohos and head out beyond the curb with Sean and Eric and Emily from across the street — they have their own nets — then that of course is what we’ll do.

Not that we have done it, for a while now. Have Sean and Eric and Emily? It’s been a while since we saw them, let alone their nets. Still. We could, and would, if we felt like it, out we’d go without fear of bylaw officers or surly neighbours or weather of snow or dark of night, until our moms called us in for supper. Fear of cars, obviously, we would have: they do come tearing around the corner pretty fast, just the thought of which can panic us enough that we forget to yell “Car!”

But. Anyway. The bylaw. A Toronto city councillor, Josh Matlow, was seeking to free us all and wipe it away just because it’s wrong & etc. Until city staff told him, no, that wouldn’t work because what about the liability? So then the Councillor was pushing a staff plan by which residents could apply for an exemption to the bylaw if their street could meet certain conditions. Other than the ridiculous amount of leg- and paperwork required and widespread public and political derision for the whole plan, it seemed like a pretty good idea.

Today, though, Councillor Matlow admitted defeat, abandoning the whole ban ban. Which means we’re back to where we were, with our Kohos that we might well grab at any moment, as long as Sean, Eric, Emily and their nets are up for it.