seeing is believing

Chicago coach Rudy Pilous poses with goalie Glenn Hall and the Louch mask he sported — if only in practice — in the fall of 1960. In Glenn Hall: The Man They Call Mr. Goalie (Greystone, 2002), Tom Adrahtas tells the story of what happened earlier in the year when fans voted Hall to the NHL’s First All-Star team. Montreal coach Toe Blake was incensed. “We win first place, Plante wins the Vézina for the fourth time, and he’s not the All-Star?” Pilous was quick to the retort: “My guy was the best. And he played without a mask.” In November of 1959, Plante had famously donned his mask for the first time during a game with the New York Rangers. Blake never liked it; he even accused Plante of cowardice. Plante’s response: “Does jumping out of a plane without a parachute make you a coward?”