the proroguer

Anyone who’s ever tried to write a hockey book knows that, sometimes, the prime ministering can get in the way.

If that’s not a position that every prospective author can fall back on — to date, Stephen Harper would have to be the only one — it might help to explain why we haven’t seen the prime minister’s much-anticipated volume of hockey history in bookstores yet this fall.

Or not. We know so little about the book in the first place is it any surprise that we’ve heard next to nothing regarding why its alleged fall release is purportedly delayed? Not really. I suppose a few lines might be order here playing on the Harper government’s reputation for controlling information but … naaah. Let’s just get straight to the news: according to Michael Levine, the prime minister’s Toronto-based agent on the project, there’s none to be had. Pestered last week for answers —anything, at all: title, publisher, any pictures? — he replied quickly and comprehensively: “No official announcement yet.” He did suggest (I think) that word might be forthcoming early in the new year (maybe). Stay tuned.