Ti-Nomme, To Love Him: Montreal left winger Norm Dussault (right) punches Chicago Jim Conacher during the Habs’ 3-0 victory at the Stadium in December of 1949. I was going to say “pokes” or “paws,” but let’s be honest. That’s Butch Bouchard interceding — unless he’s punching Conacher, too. Dussault died on August 29 at the age of 86. As Tom Hawthorn reported in an obituary in The Globe and Mail: “He is listed as standing 5 foot 8 and weighing 165 pounds, but accounts from his playing days have him two inches shorter and 15 pounds lighter. English-language sportswriters called him ‘the mighty mite’ and dubbed him ‘Scootah,’ a jocular rendition of Scooter, but the nickname that stuck was borrowed from a comic-book character. Dussault was known as ‘Ti-Nomme,’ a diminutive for petit homme, French for little man, typically spoken with affection as a father to a son.”