the right honourable author

The big question earlier this week when Prime Minister Stephen Harper took us along by Twitter as he went about his leading-the-country business was: why? That’s easy enough: this is obviously the beginning of the marketing surge for his long-awaited hockey book, which now looks like it’s going to be published in the fall.



There’s been nothing official announced, but after the years of anticipation, we’ll take our news by the crumb. So here it is: Stephen Maher from Postmedia News is reporting this week that Simon & Schuster is the publisher. They’re not saying anything yet, which is why the best we can do at this point is report that the prime minister will be the 14th Harper in the S&S stable, joining the likes of Vonna (her books include Good Girl Seeks Bad Rider), Benjamin (All Around Trucktown), and Lee (Snow! Snow! Snow!).

Maher gives us Roy MacGregor’s word that the P.M.’s work is his own: “I can guarantee you there’s no ghost.” And from Toronto literary agent Bruce Westwood, who says he’s seen parts of the manuscript, there’s this: “It’s surprisingly good.”