sundry and various missiles

Scene from a Tuesday in April of 1929, when Mickey Murray’s Providence Reds hosted the Boston Tigers (and lost 0-5) from the hometown Evening Tribune:

As the game progressed, the fans started to vent their spleen on the officials, who sad to relate, were calling all sorts of queer fouls, and a couple of times the game had to be halted while the ice was cleared of debris tossed out by the irate customers. Referee Bill Shaver, who has been ‘in bad’ here for some time, was the target for the missiles, but fortunately the aim of the marksmen happened to be a bit awry and Bill was not nicked by way of the projectiles. A couple of pop bottles crashed harmlessly on the ice, a coffee mug slid along the surface, and peanuts, popcorn, cigars, cigarettes, a derby and a pair of rubbers were all contributed to the occasion. But the practice should be stopped before some one is seriously hurt.

There was fog in the first period, according to the attending reporter, J.A. Kiernan: banks of fog shrouded the ice. The third period was the one with most of the debris. The worst of it seems to have started when the Reds’ Charlie Langlois was “checked off.” The crowd didn’t like that and

vented disapproval by chucking sundry and various missiles on the ice. Referee Shaver was the target but luckily for him, everything missed the objective. One of the missiles was a coffee mug, which escaped breaking and Ponzi Contant, upon request, tossed the chinaware to a newspaper man in the press box.

A little later:

Gaudreault was sent away for charging Waite and the crowd booed some more. Again Shaver was in trouble and Ponzi Contant tossed a perfectly good rubber to a scribe in the press coop. Time had to be called again while the debris was cleared off the playing surface. Then came another rubber into the press box, giving the scrivened a pair of rainy day coverings. During the excitement a couple of empty soda bottles were tossed into the arena proper, but luckily neither of them clicked against anything but the ice. A little more than 11 minutes of playing time remained.