cabbages, card decks, heated pennies

Bulletin out of Chicago in early 1946, as reported by the Associated Press:

President Bill Tobin of the Chicago Hockey Club today offered a $250 reward for identity of a galleryite who tossed an empty whisky bottle which conked Joe Fusco, a rink-side spectator, on the head at last night’s Blackhawk-Boston Bruin game in the Chicago Stadium.

Fusco was knocked unconscious but was revived after first aid treatment. His departure still left 17,362 fans to cheer a 3-1 Hawk victory.

The flying bottle was the latest in secret weapons developed by Blackhawk partisans, who unquestionably have outstripped the lovers of “Dem Brooklyn Bums” as sports fanatics.

When they are irked or excited, the hockey clan fires a wide variety of missiles onto the ice, ranging from cabbages, card decks and heated pennies, to a brassiere which floated down from the stadium heights recently.

Tobin wrings his hands worriedly and wonders what can be done about it. He is thinking of passing out handbills, signed by Blackhawk Stars, which will point out the occupational hazards of such vicious fun.