playoff glory

50 leafsIt doesn’t look like it here, above, but it was a good time to be a Leaf. In the spring of 1950, heading into the Stanley Cup semi-finals against the Detroit Red Wings, the Leafs were not only the defending champions three times over, they’d won five of the last eight Cups, going back to 1942. Against the Red Wings, they had Sid Smith skating for them, Max Bentley, Howie Meeker, Harry Watson. They won, too, this first game of the playoffs, 5-0, in Detroit. Though the Red Wings did come back to beat them in seven games, carrying on to sweep past the New York Rangers in the final. (Toronto did claim the Cup back the following year against the Canadiens.) Here, Toronto’s Teeder Kennedy slides into goalie Turk Broda, with Detroit’s Jim McFadden arriving just in time to catch a stick in the chin.