still undrafted: marc nadon’s hockey memories

Stephen Harper’s Supreme Court nominee told a parliamentary committee today that he was “drafted” by the Detroit Red Wings at the age of 14 — but the records don’t seem to agree with Federal Court of Appeal judge Marc Nadon.

As first reported on and picked up on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, Justice Nadon’s hockey memories have been causing confusion late today.

The first NHL amateur draft took place in June of 1963, when Justice Nadon was just 13. The following year Detroit selected Claude Gauthier first over all. While Judge Nadon may have been scouted by the Red Wings. he may have been praised, and even promised big things. But there’s no indication in any hockey reference that a Marc Nadon was ever drafted at any point by any NHL team.

So did Justice Nadon misspeak or, like many of us, just remember his long-gone hockey career as having been more glorious than it actually was?

More to come.

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