From the vaults of British Pathé, made available to the wider world on YouTube just last month, this brief reel of a 1933 tie between the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden is worth the watching. It might be the November 21 game, which finished 1-1, but that’s only a guess. Did the production team back in London have any notion of what they were seeing? The commentary, such as it is, makes you wonder. And I guess they did their best, writing the opening titles:

“All In” Ice Hockey Now! Ice rink quickly becomes fight arena in always ‘needle match’ between Canada (Toronto Maple Leafs – white jerseys) and America (The NY Rangers) (Crack teams).

That’s George Hainsworth in the Leaf goal, and you’ll see Hap Day on the rush. Red Horner is one of the protagonists in the “hair-pulling” episode, after 56 seconds or so. Is it unfair to suggest that the Toronto defence displays some familiar weaknesses? Watch also for the Leaf — don’t know who he is — arriving to support Horner with a stick raised for swiping at New York heads. And then at the end, too, after the flurry in front of the Rangers’ net, another agitated Leaf looks like he’s about to swing at the referee with his stick. I think that’s Baldy Cotton, but I apologize if I’ve got it wrong.

time-out for a little hair-pulling

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  1. Enjoyed the film clip I wonder how many penalties there would be in today’s game?

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