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Messieurs Hockey: Maurice Richard and author Gerry Gosselin (middle) introduce the latter’s biography of the former in February of 1960. A former lawyer and soldier, Gosselin wrote a sports column for Le Devoir in Montreal. The book was short (128 pages) and priced to sell ($1). “It is a pleasure to read,” opined a reviewer from La Voix de Shawinigan, “because of the many anecdotes and testimonies collected by the author and because of its clear and neat presentation. Frank Selke wrote the Foreword. Maurice and his fellow team mates of the Canadian [sic] Hockey Club have done more to introduce the good qualities of our young men from French Canada to the large cities in the United States than all of the propaganda and books which have been published in the past,” he wrote. Good luck to anyone who tried to follow in the Rocket’s skateguards, though:

As a friend, team mate, parent or hockey player Maurice seems to have stood head and shoulders above his opposition and when the time comes when he is forced to retire he will leave the game with a tradition which the best of our youth in future years will have a hard time to equal.

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