two for tangling

mush + milt 1Fifth-place Boston was trying to catch fourth-place Montreal that Thursday night in December of 1950, and by beating third-place Chicago, they pulled themselves two points closer. I’m not going to pretend: the thrills were few. Chicago played “in a dull fashion” (UPI) and the crowd that saw them was the smallest the Stadium had seen since 1935, just 6,297. Boston’s Vic Lynn scored the winning goal in the third period while Chicago’s defenders took a proverbial nap. Skating unimpeded, he found himself alone in front of goaltender Harry Lumley. UPI: “The goalie, too, appeared not to be prepared and the puck soared past him.”

The home team got owly in the third. “There were several fights in the final period resulting from the Hawks’ general frustration at not being able to score, but no one was hurt.” Above, that’s the Bruins’ Milt Schmidt, the man who’d end up winning the Hart Trophy that year as NHL MVP, atop the Black Hawks’ Pete Babando. Doing their best to detangle the situation are linesmen Mush March (left) and George Hayes (right).