found poem: it never really is until it is

The next one is a must-win.

People wonder all the time
how we feel after we lose a game,

if we feel

the next one is a must-win.

It never really is until it is.

Now it is, it most definitely is.

I mentioned how we’ve got to be able to do it.
Let’s be honest, it’s tough to do.
There’s no real answer for
how to do it,
we’ve just got to do it.

We can’t think about it too much.

We have to think about the positives.

It’s tough to move on.

It’s tough not to think about it.

But you’ve got to do your best
to keep your mind going
somewhere else,
try to find
something else
to think about for the time being
until Monday
comes around.

• from “Garrison: Game 6 can go Lightning’s way,” a blog post by Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Jason Garrison for, June 14, 2015; excerpted, edited, and poemized.

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