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Toasted: At least Montreal’s storied Canadiens made the playoffs in 1992, the year Aislin (a.k.a Terry Mosher) opined on the editorial page of the Gazette on their demise in felt pen, ink, and graphite. After beating Hartford that spring, the Canadiens met their match in the Adams Division final, losing in four straight games to Boston.

On the bright side: just a year later they suppressed the Los Angeles Kings to win their most recent Stanley Cup.

“This year we hit a bump in the road,” current owner Geoff Molson wrote in a letter to fans released earlier today. “I see this as an opportunity to become stronger, better, and more prepared for the future.”

The vortex of rage and frustration that rattled windows throughout eastern Canada moments later? Molson also affirmed that both GM Marc Bergevin and (much-maligned) coach Michel Therrien will stay on. “When you have a disappointing season like the one we just had, no stone can be left unturned in looking for ways to improve. You have my full commitment that we will do everything possible to improve our team.”

“This being said, despite subpar results this season, stability in our approach remains the focus. The mark of all good organizations in sports is stability and long-term vision. I remain convinced that we have a strong foundation of core players and veterans, as well as younger players with promising futures.”

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(Top image: Terry Mosher, © McCord Museum)