hoopla: woo-hoo the north

The Canadian Game: The Stanley Cup will be raised in Boston on Wednesday, but tonight it’s all about Toronto and the NBA championship that the local Raptors will be trying to wrap up. Above, an exhibition — because: why not? — of ice basketball played as between periods at an NHL game at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1940. There was, believe it or don’t, a bit of craze for the game in the 1930s and ’40s. “Basketball rules prevail in the main,” one explainer from those years outlined, “though altered to allow the ‘double-dribble,’ and players may advance with the ball during a rapid count of five before being called for ‘traveling.’ Fouls are penalized, as in hockey, by suspension from the game … for one minute or two, depending on the flagrancy of the violation. No free throws are awarded. Costumes of players include football shoulder harness and knee pads, long-sleeved jerseys, long stockings, basketball trunks and, naturally, skates.”

2 thoughts on “hoopla: woo-hoo the north

  1. Maybe it will make a comeback, or not.
    Thanks for continuing your wonderful snippets of prose and interesting images. I neglect to take the time to express appreciationeach time I read another issue, but will take time out (you see what I did there?) on this occasion to say thanks. See you in Quebec City this fall?

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