slouching towards bethlehem

After four months of pandemical hiatus, the NHL and its players extended their CBA this weekend while agreeing on a plan to complete the 2019-20 season and get the Stanley Cup awarded by early October. With competitive games set to resume on August 1, Phase 3 of the NHL’s Return To Play plan gets going today as 24 NHL teams are on the ice for training camps. The league has answers to questions on just how it’s all supposed to work on tap here, along with a schedule of games (if it gets that far) here. Pictured: from a simpler if (gloriously) graphically gaudier NHL time, a pair of Esso pocket schedules.


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  1. Hockey was even better in the late1940s, with the Edmonton Flyers in the WHL.  As you know, my father and I had season seats in the second row right behind the goal at the north end of the old Edmonton Arena (capacity about 5,500) at the exhibition grounds.  If you can pull up a photo of a goal-scoring at that end, you'll probably see us, dimly, in the background behind the glass. I remember Billy Maher, and one year, Sweeney Schreiner as playing coach, and Al Rollins in goal before he went on to the NHL.  If I dredge my memory hard enough, I can probably recall the whole team. xxx, D  

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