loosening my grip on bobby orr

No quick thought-piece here on why Bobby Orr did what he did, or how terrible the disappointment tastes, or how patently absurd it would be to write a sentence like “President Trump has delivered for all the American people, regardless of race, gender, or station in life,” let alone submit it for publication. The ad that Orr paid to mar half of page A9 of today’s New Hampshire Union Leader is here, if you want to study it.

Me, I’m admiring “Winter on the Don,” above, another of Winnipeg photographer Diana Thorneycroft’s masterpieces, from her 2007 series “Group of Seven Awkward Moments.” Her interest here, she’s said, is in combining “iconic northern landscapes, which have come to symbolize Canada as a nation,” with “scenes of accidents, disasters, and bad weather.”

“By pairing the tranquility of traditional landscape painting with black humour,” Thorneycroft writes, “the work conjures up topical and universally familiar landscapes fraught with anxiety and contradictions.” For more of her bracing views of our north, visit dianathorneycroft.com.

4 thoughts on “loosening my grip on bobby orr

  1. It is a stunning, unexpected and disappointing shock to be sure, especially for someone who personally dealt with and was taken unfair advantage of by one of the biggest crooks in sports – Alan Eagleson . Yet, the saddest thing is that may be the last thing that many remember about the incomparable Bobby Orr’s ice exploits, and for that alone I wish it had remained his private thoughts and nothing more.


  2. As a prominent sportswriter wrote recently in one of our national newspapers, I shouldn’t care who Bobby Orr votes for – and the fact that he thinks I do care is a sad sign of how we continue to imbue our sports heroes with a significance greater than any other single human being. Why on Earth would a Bobby Orr endorsement shift any needle one iota? Smooth skating skills 50 odd years ago does not make you a political guru. It would seem “great hockey player, flawed (perhaps irrelevant) thinker” will have to be Bobby’s legacy with me from here on in. Don’t even get me started on Jack Nicklaus, though I should have seen that one coming a mile away!

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