canadiens cavalcade

Lorne Rider: The Montreal Canadiens won their 15th Stanley Cup in May of 1968, their third in four years, by beating the upstart St. Louis Blues in four games. Two days later, on a Monday of this very date, a crowd of 600,000 fans (some estimates went as high as a million) turned out to see the team (including goaltender Gump Worsley) parade for three hours along a 30-kilometre route through the city. “If Canadiens don’t get tired of winning the Stanley Cup,” Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau proclaimed that day, “we won’t get tired of running receptions for them. (Image: Louis-Philippe Meunier, VM94, E-2087-25 Archives de la Ville de Montréal)

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  1. You are a master at preserving and relating hockey’s grand history. There is a surprise in almost every post and I thought I unearthed a lot of long ago moments when I first started searching and spending hours on the old library newspaper archives in the 1969s. One of my first “gems” was the Cup goal scored by Chummy Hill who scored with half a puck in 1902. I was hooked after that.
    Congratulations, my friend.

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