parson in the penalty box

Mac Attack: Dr. A.W. Mackenzie was headmaster of The Grove for nearly four decades, shaping the spirit, the values, and the campus of the school, north of Peterborough, Ontario, that was known in his day as Lakefield Preparatory School and thrives today as Lakefield College School. Ordained as a deacon in the Anglican Church before his arrival at Lakefield in 1894, Mackenzie was a devoted sailor and gardener as well as a schoolmaster. He was, too, and famously, an ardent hockey player. That’s him here in the Homburg hat, with the chisel-bladed stick, on the Grove rink in 1907. Alumnus John Macrae would recall that as a younger man the headmaster sometimes joined a game in Peterborough, “where his rugged style of play often landed him in the penalty box, much to the delight of the fans who, we are told, would set up a chant of ‘Parson in the penalty box, parson in the penalty box.’”