by hook or by crook

This is wrong, of course: when it comes to checks, the hook and the sweep are not the same — they’re just not. It’s a hook-check that Stan Mikita, dressed up here in All-Star garb in the late 1960s, is demonstrating for the camera, though whether or not he resorted to it in actual game-play with any regularity is open for debate, the once-popular manoeuvre having faded out of the NHL by the 1930s. The Chicago Black Hawk superstar was born on a Monday of today’s date in 1940, in Sokolče, east of Bratislava in what today is Slovakia. He was Stanislav Guoth in those years, before making a move with an aunt and an uncle in the late 1940s to St. Catharines, Ontario, where he got a new name and found a new wintry sport waiting for him to discover it.

One thought on “by hook or by crook

  1. Stan Mikita went from Czechoslavakia to Canada, lead the NHL in penalties, to Lady Bing winner, MVP, scoring leader and Stanley Cup champion. He also invented the curved stick. Plus he centered for Bobby Hull….wow!

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