so much ice, so close to home

Forecasting Flurries, Always With A Chance Of Shinny: If you freeze it, they will come. Toronto photographer Hannah Mittelstaedt is a committed skater as well as a careful chronicler of the life her city’s living, including when it takes to the ice (seen here hosting hockey on one of Toronto’s islands). See more of her striking work at (Image: © Hannah Mittelstaedt)

skaters gonna skate

Cautionary Fail: The temperature on the surface of Mars hit a daytime high of -23 C this week, according to weather-watchers at CTV, which is to say it’s been way more clement there than across much of the Canadian map. Ottawa was down to -29 C yesterday, making it the world’s coldest capital (Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia was basking at -26 C). With the wind, in the alpine shadows, Wednesday’s thermometer was down around -29 C, too, under Fairview Mountain in Alberta’s Banff National Park, where a brisk bout of morning shinny quickened the ice of Lake Louise. (Image: Stephen Smith)