the steamer dove at primeau

Clancy elbows Joliat and gets a cross check.
Bailey roughs Joliat.
Bailey has chip on his shoulder.
Clancy off, chops G. Mantha.
Morenz takes on Horner and Conacher, both at once, and finishes on his spine.
Horner butt-ends the Steamer.
Even Primeau has his spurs sharpened.
G. Mantha and Horner mix.
The Steamer dove at Primeau, makes a clean miss, a wishbone landing.
Jackson boards Morenz.
Morenz gets Primeau with a dandy.
Leafs play the man.
Canadiens take it and keep after the puck.
Looks like they are sure to score if this keeps up.

They did.
Morenz draws a defence crash, passes ahead to G. Mantha: Mantha, uncovered, scores.
That was the fault of the defence.
Leafs too busy trying to crash Frenchmen to play real hockey.

• Notes by The Toronto Daily Star‘s Lou Marsh watching the first period of the game between Leafs and Canadiens, March 2, 1931.