winterspiele 1936: golden britain

The hockey tournament at the 1936 Winter Olympics wasn’t without controversy. For Canada, it was very much with controversy, and long before the team from (mostly) Port Arthur ever arrived in Germany. The trouble they got into in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was complicated, but it boiled down to this: on February 11, Canada lost its first ever Olympic hockey game by a score of 2-1 to … Great Britain. Subsequent Canadian thwackings of Hungary (by 15-0) and the hosts from Germany (6-2) weren’t enough to shift the standings in Canada’s favour, which meant that they went home with silver medals, while the Great British won gold, and the right (above) to skate triumphantly towards a photographer on the ice at Lake Riesser.

notes from a rampage

canada hungary 1936We’re Number … Never Mind: Best probably to let the anniversary slip by as quietly as possible but February 11 is the day, in 1936, that Canada lost its first ever Olympic hockey game, 2-1 to England, at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Olympics. It cost us the gold, that game, as you may have heard, and it’s one we really should have won except for … no. It’s not even worth getting into it. The time for raging has passed. We’re over the unfairness of it all, the dirty conspiracy that was perpetrated on us, we’ve long since moved on. And anyway, the very next day, February 12, we made sure to maximumly mulch the Hungarians, which made us feel much better. You can’t really see it in the photograph above, but this time we were not fucking fooling around. No, sir: “Irate Canadians Swamp Hungary” was the headline over the CP story that ran in The Regina Leader-Post. Autopsying the English loss was the real business at hand, but first there was just time for a few notes from a rampage:

Canada’s enraged hockey team, first band of puckmen from the Dominion to taste defeat in Olympic competition, tossed all they had at Hungary today and scored a 15-0 victory.